Laundry and Mail Carts

Mesh, canvas, vinyl and polyethylene are all common materials a mobile laundry or mail cart can be fabricated out of. These quality materials provide for quality trucks and baskets which can be ubiquitous in laundries, hospitals, textile mills, garment plants and the hospitality industry. Ranging with many different designs, by searching through the various options […]

Medical Casters

Medical Casters come in a technical variety that keep healthcare operations moving during their busy and fast paced days & nights. Medical casters need to adhere to the strict requirements of being clean, quiet, smooth rolling and easy to push/pull. Not only are medical casters designed for very technical applications but they also are designed […]

Ergonomic Casters

Ergonomics are critical in many caster and wheel applications. Reducing the push/pull force that is required to move a cart or object is the most important aspect of ergonomic performance when manually moving a cart. The weight load of the cart being moved comes into play but the most important element is using the right […]

Flat Spotting

A flat spot on your wheel tread can form when the wheel is loaded in a stationary position for extended periods of time. Soft rubber and polyurethane are the wheel materials where flat spotting most often occurs. There is a chance that the flat spot can disappear as the wheel begins to roll and take its […]

Valley Craft Hand Trucks

Valley Craft is a manufacturer of industrial equipment and carts located in Lake City, Minnesota. Valley Craft designs, develops and manufactures premium material handling and storage solutions. These solutions include a vast range of proprietary and custom solutions. Valley Craft was established in 1953 when Carl Weinmann introduced the first hand truck with a brake. Over […]