Ergonomic Casters

Ergonomics are critical in many caster and wheel applications. Reducing the push/pull force that is required to move a cart or object is the most important aspect of ergonomic performance when manually moving a cart. The weight load of the cart being moved comes into play but the most important element is using the right casters and wheels on the cart in order to make sure it is being moved in the easiest manner possible… Stop to start & staying in motion needs to be smooth and require less effort.

Poor ergonomics can create dangerous work environments by causing frustrated,  fatigued and hurting workers to perform tasks which make them more susceptible to injury. Heavy to move carts can be especially dangerous for lighter weight employees who are unable to generate enough force to safely push a cart into motion from a stopped position. Injuries can occur in the wrists, arms, shoulders, torso or lower extremities from over-straining these areas with too much force. This is where ergonomic casters come into play. Our ergonomic casters are designed with crown tread polyurethane on aluminum wheels that are formulated for best ergonomic push/pull after set and in-line operation. The  85 Shore A (+/-5) durometer of the wheel tread not only provides a quite roll but it provides an easy and smooth roll which is specifically designed for these ergonomic applications.

With our ergonomic casters we are able to reduce the push/pull force required to get your carts moving and allow them to keep rolling with less force being applied once in motion. The force required to keep a cart rolling is important but often times the most challenging task is starting the cart from a stopped position since the swivel casters can require a 90 degree turn to start rolling the cart in the desired direction. The kingpinless raceway of the caster combined with the crowned tread on the wheel make this 90 degree swivel much easier by drastically reducing the push/pull force required to get the cart in motion.

Ergonomic casters can cost more up front but definitely pay dividends in the long run! Both personally for your employees and financially for your company.