Plate Casters

Plate casters range in sizes and styles making them a versatile solution for your material handling mobility needs. Whether you need a small light duty caster or a extra heavy duty cast iron caster, The Caster Guy has a wide range of stock plate casters ready to ship.

Mounting your caster with a top plate offers a larger surface area to apply the weight distribution compared to stem mount casters giving plate casters higher load capacity up to 2500 lbs. per caster. All of our plate casters are NSF Listed. Key measurements to identify:

  • Boltholes drilled in a 4 hole pattern for mounting
  • Boltholes are offered in straight and slotted hole patterns depending on series
  • Bolthole pattern varies with the size and series of the caster
  • Bolthole pattern is a critical measurement to know when replacing your casters
  • Bolthole size varies by series which determines the size hardware used for mounting
  • Wheel size and overall height vary widely by series and manufacturer

If you don’t see what you need – or have questions on what is best suited for your application, give us a call at 1-855-762-8420, and speak to one of our caster experts.