Swivel Locks

Field install swivel locks are great for turning an existing 360 degree swivel caster into a stationary or rigid caster in seconds. This is very helpful if the units the casters are mounted to will be pushed a long distance.
Units that have all swivel casters are very difficult to keep moving forward without wanting to go to the left or right.
It is important to match the proper brand and series of swivel lock with the same brand and series of caster. They are not a universal one size fits all casters. Even if the bolt pattern of the swivel lock matches another brand of caster they most likely will not work.
Also, you want to ensure that the caster you are wanting to retrofit with a field install swivel lock has the notches cut out in the swivel section of the caster for the plunger to engage into when activated.
Operation: Simply pull out on the ring of the plunger of the swivel lock and rotate it 45 degree and release. The plunger will engage into one of the notches in the swivel section of the casters that are generally notched every 90 degree so that the caster can no longer swivel. To return the caster to its original swivel design, simply reverse the engagement process.

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