Vintage Industrial Stem Casters

Our vintage industrial stem casters deliver a unique blend of retro appeal and value to any object they’re affixed to. Beyond their visual allure, these casters are crafted for longevity. This guarantees that your vintage-themed projects not only embody an authentic look but also excel in performance and resilience. Whether it’s for a bespoke piece of furniture or a refurbishment task, our casters infuse an extra dose of classic charm, enriching the overall aesthetic while facilitating convenient movement. In essence, our vintage industrial stem casters foster a harmonious interplay of aesthetics and functionality, achieving an ideal equilibrium between style and utility.

  • 5” casters available in swivel and swivel w/ brake
  • Vintage look with modern construction
  • ½”-13 x ¾” threaded stem
  • Plain Bearings

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