High Temp Casters

High-temperature casters are specifically designed to withstand extreme heat and provide reliable mobility in environments where regular casters would fail. These specialized casters play a crucial role in industries such as foundries, bakeries, glass manufacturing, and metalworking, where exposure to high temperatures is a constant challenge.

Our high-temp casters not only provide exceptional heat resistance but also offer outstanding load-bearing capabilities. Engineered to support heavy loads with ease, they enhance the efficiency of your operations, allowing you to transport even the bulkiest bakery equipment or supplies effortlessly.

With our high-quality high-temperature casters, you can ensure smooth operations, minimize downtime, and maximize productivity in high-temperature environments, up to 575 °F (Intermittent)! We stock both soft & hard treaded high temperature wheels.

Contact The Caster Guy today for a consultation and take your food service or bakery to new heights with our high-temp casters.

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