Hard Rubber Wheels

Hard Rubber Wheels offer superior floor protection and are quieter than steel wheels when rolling. These wheels are durable in harsh environments and are designed to be chip resistant. Due to the hardness of these wheels, users should take caution when using these on soft floor materials as they can cause damage when used under heavier weight […]

Polyolefin Wheels

Polyolefin wheels are a low cost solution with high durability and resilience. Designed for hard impacts and heavy loads polyolefin wheels hold up great in challenging environments. The wheels resilience makes it a great choice in wet environments since they have a high resistance to liquids, chemicals and greases. These wheels have a high abrasion […]

Cast Iron & Semi Steel Wheels

Cast Iron and Semi Steel Wheels are made of incredibly strong steel that is highly resistant to abuse and tough environments. Cast Iron wheels are able to withstand high temperatures and can be exposed to water and/or other abusive factors in challenging environments. They can withstand exposure to chemicals, grease and oil. However, one downside […]

Glass Filled Nylon Wheels

Glass filled nylon wheels are an incredibly tough and durable wheel material which can be great for high abuse environments. These wheels feature an incredibly tough thermoplastic compound which resists hard impacts and drop shocks present in many manufacturing and industrial environments. In addition to being shock resistant, this wheel is invulnerable to most chemicals, […]

High Temp Phenolic Wheels

As discussed in a previous blog post, Phenolic casters and wheels are an economically viable solution for many heavy duty industrial caster applications. These are a popular go-to option for many applications such dumpsters, facility carts, workbenches, mobile louvered panels and countless other industrial and mobile carts or machines. Phenolic wheels are strong and durable […]

Automotive Jack Casters

Automotive Jacks are mobile floor jacks used to raise up a car or automobile when you need to service or repair the inner working of your vehicle. This is an essential tool to have in your garage for your automobile and motorcycle maintenance repairs. In order to ensure your auto jack is safe and easy […]

Polymer Wheels

One of the hardest, strongest and toughest wheels in the industry is a High Impact Polymer Wheel. These wheels are the definition of heavy duty and are seemingly indestructible. HI Polymer wheels are compression molded and then machined giving them added strength and durability. The straight sided design of these wheels is what allows them to offer […]

Thermoplastic Rubber Wheels

A Thermoplastic Rubber Wheel (a.k.a. TPR Wheel), is a soft tread wheel that is manufactured out of a chemically bonded rubber on a polyolefin core which has an operating temperature range of -40 F to +180 F. TPR wheels provide a quiet and smooth rolling capability because of its shock absorbing and cushioned ride features. […]

Phenolic Wheels

Arbco Black Phenolic wheels are a staple in the caster and wheel industry. These caster wheels are designed for heavy abuse and high exposure to wear and tear. Phenolic Wheels are lightweight and easy to roll under heavy loads without damaging floors along the way. As long as the coating of the wheel is intact, […]

Solid Polyurethane Wheels

Solid polyurethane wheels are fantastic solutions for heavy wash-down and food grade environments. The solid polyurethane wheel provides a one piece molded solution which eliminates the issues of tread bond failures. Solid polyurethane wheels are high-strength and hi-impact resistant making them durable solutions for tough environments. These wheels are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and […]