Valley Craft

Valley Craft is a manufacturer of high quality material handling products located in Lake City, Minnesota. Valley Craft designs, develops and manufacturers high quality, professional grade material handling equipment. In addition to material handling products, Valley Craft also manufacturers storage solutions and other proprietary custom designed equipment. Established in 1953, Carl Weinman created the first […]

B&P Manufacturing

B&P Manufacturing has been designing and building high quality material handling products since 1943. Starting out as Brooks and Perkins the company has since evolved into the B&P Manufacturing we know today. Since then, B&P’s products and manufacturing processes have seen dramatic improvements in order to keep up with rapid advances in the industries their products […]

Ball Bearings

Ball bearings are the perfect way to increase the rolling performance of your casters and wheels. Not only do they improve the rolling capabilities of your wheels but they also make them maintenance free. Ball bearings are sealed and do not require re-greasing. Not having to grease your bearings decreases your maintenance costs and increases your productivity […]

White Nylon Wheels

White Nylon Wheels are molded into a solid wheel base which is incredibly durable and resilient in difficult environments. White Nylon wheels are commonly used in food processing, meat packing, poultry plant and pharmaceutical environments. These wheels are steam cleanable and are resilient to water along with other chemicals, solvents and cleaning solutions making them a […]

V-Groove Wheels

V-Groove wheels are uniquely designed to help you keep your weight loads rolling along a certain path in applications where precision accuracy is required. V-Groove wheels are engineered for track or floor operation on inverted angle iron track in production lines. These wheels are also commonly used on hand or conveyor trucks. The V-Groove wheel surface and face are […]

Sintered Iron Wheels

Sintered Iron Wheels are strong, durable and highly resistant to abuse in tough environments. These little wheels are great for lighter duty applications that require a tough and durable wheel to hold up to abuse. Sintered Iron wheels are made by compressing powdered iron into a wheel mold which produces a strong and durable wheel. Sintered Iron […]

Rubber on Iron Wheels

Moldon Rubber Wheels (aka – Rubber on Iron) are a dynamic and durable wheel offering which are a great fit for many applications. These wheels are designed with a Moldon Rubber tread bonded to a cast iron core. The soft rubber tread and cast iron wheel core are usually both black in color. The soft […]

Polyurethane on Polyolefin Wheels

Polyurethane on Polyolefin wheels are a popular non-marking choice in countless industrial and specialized environments. These wheels are composed of injection molded polyurethane treads which are mechanically bonded to a polyolefin core. The polyurethane tread is molded in, around and through a ribbed extension of the wheel core to help prevent tread debonding. Poly on poly wheels […]

Polyurethane on Iron Wheels

Polyurethane on Iron wheels are a superior choice in many applications compared to a Rubber on Iron wheel. The polyurethane is more resistant to grease, oil and abrasive wear than a rubber tread wheel is. Polyurethane on Iron wheels are a popular choice for many carts rolling on factory floors and moving through manufacturing environments. […]

Polyurethane on Aluminum Wheels

Polyurethane on Aluminum Wheels are designed to roll easier and last longer than rubber on iron wheels. The polyurethane wheel tread is made out of high quality liquid cast polyurethane that is chemically bonded to the aluminum core to prevent any thread de-bonding. The aluminum wheel core is lighter weight than a cast iron wheel […]