How to Choose Casters for Hardwood Floors

When shopping for casters, you should consider the type of flooring on which you intend to roll them. Different types of flooring require different types of casters. For soft floors, nylon casters are an excellent choice. Consisting of thermoplastic polymer, they are hard, durable and long-lasting. For hardwood floors, though, you may want to avoid […]

Toe Guards: Protecting Your Toes From Casters

Have you ever rolled a caster over your foot? Depending on how much weight it was bearing, it may have caused minor and temporary discomfort, or it may have caused a more serious foot injury. Casters are often used to support heavy loads in commercial workplaces. As a result, rolling a caster over your foot […]

The Beginner’s Guide to Never Flat Casters

If you’re looking for a set of reliable casters, you may want to choose never flat casters. You can attach them to the bottom of carts, equipment, furniture and other objects. While never flat casters look like ordinary plate casters, though, they eliminate the possibility of flat wheels. Even when used on a daily basis, […]

What Are Scaffolding Casters?

If you’re looking for casters to use with a scaffolding unit, you should consider choosing scaffolding casters. Like all casters, they consist of wheels attached to a mounting frame. Scaffolding casters, however, are particularly useful for scaffolding units. What are scaffolding casters exactly, and why should you choose them over other types of casters? Overview […]

Difference between Wheels and Casters

The terms “wheels” and “casters” are often used interchangeably to describe rolling devices. As a result, many people assume they are the same. While wheels and casters are both rolling devices, they differ in several ways. To learn more about wheels and casters, including how they differ, keep reading. What Are Wheels? Wheels are round […]

What Are Low-Profile Casters?

When researching some of the different types of casters, you may encounter low-profile casters. Also known as business machine casters, they are commonly used in the workplace. What are low-profile casters exactly, and when should you consider using them? The Basics of Low-Profile Casters Low-profile casters are mountable wheels that feature a short, low-profile design. […]