Intermetro Wire Shelving

Intermetro wire shelving has been the industry standard since 1965. As a stocking distributor for their products, I am always excited and proud when my team completes a new and unique installation for one of our customers. Since we stock everything at a component level (whether it be casters, shelving or hand trucks) the combinations we can […]

Pallet Racking is Finally Here!

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am happy to announce that my team and I have finally started stocking pallet racking. Now of course, depending on the quantities needed we might have to order in more inventory for a large job but none the less, we have some in stock! I have been storing all of my […]

Introducing Tilt Trucks

Tilt trucks are an ergonomic solution for moving and dumping materials from one location to another. These durable trucks are engineered with industrial strength to easily transport heavy loads of materials. On my site I have featured 5 different sized trucks which I work with on a regular basis and have proved to be my […]

Rubbermaid Utility Carts

Rubbermaid has been a staple in the industrial sector for years. From commercial and industrial products to home organization and storage solutions, Rubbermaid has a product which will work well for each of your applications. For my team and I, a struggle that we are constantly working on is being efficient while picking orders which […]

Nursery Carts

Spring is in the air! The birds are chirping, the trees are blossoming and the flowers are blooming. Its hard not to be happy this time of year as the weather is getting warmer and the days are getting longer. Every year as spring and summer arrive, garden centers around the country are working tirelessly […]

Intermetro Shelving

Intermetro shelving is a staple within the food service and medical industries. 1*Genuine Metro wire shelving has been the industry standard since 1965. It offers uncompromised reliability and flexibility to configure unique solutions – stationary and mobile, freestanding or wall mount, dry and wet environments, heavy duty back-of-house and visually appealing front end displays. A variety […]

Drum Dollies

Whether its hazardous materials, liquids or dry ingredients, chances are if you spend some time in a manufacturing facility, you will encounter a 55 gallon drum filled with something. These drums are all too common and have been a staple in the manufacturing industry for decades. These drums range in materials from plastic to metal and […]

Pallet Jacks

In my constant attempt to find the proper material handling products for each of your applications, I want to touch base on a simple material handling product which people often forget that I offer.  Throughout every industrial warehouse, chances are you will find items stacked on top of pallets. These simple wooden frames are ubiquitous […]


Hi Everyone, This past week I was at the PFMA tradeshow with my team. PFMA stands for the Plant & Facilities Maintenance Association. This tradeshow is the largest industrial trade show in Wisconsin which was filled with a wide variety of vendors. Attendees of the tradeshow range from Northern Illinois to all areas of Wisconsin. […]