Medical Casters

Medical casters

Medical Casters come in a technical variety that keep healthcare operations moving during their busy and fast paced days & nights. Medical casters need to adhere to the strict requirements of being clean, quiet, smooth rolling and easy to push/pull. Not only are medical casters designed for very technical applications but they also are designed in a vast variety of styles.

Double Wheel Casters are designed for an assortment of applications including patient lifts, medical equipment and computer equipment. These casters are easily recognized throughout hospitals with their strong presence on medical carts, mobile furniture and utility carts. The dual wheel design provides a wide footprint on the floor which makes these casters stable and less likely to get stuck in any cracks such as when exiting an elevator.

Multi-Purpose Casters come in various aesthetic styles which are used by preference based on the type of equipment the caster is going on. These range from being on lab equipment, mobile computer stands and diagnostic equipment to IV stands, laundry hampers and chairs/recliners. These come in zinc plated, stainless steel and some plastic body rig designs.

Nylon/Plastic Casters are manufactured out of a glass filled nylon base which composes the actual caster body and is designed for strength and durability. These can be specifically designed for many different styles of medical equipment including MRI certified devices by being manufacturered with all non-magnetic stainless steel components inside a plastic caster body.

Antistatic Casters are used on electronic equipment which is at risk for damage that can be caused by the electrostatic discharge of a simple human touch. Damage caused by this discharge is very costly and frustrating to the medical industry. Antistatic casters and wheels can help minimize the risk of electrostatic discharge.

Hospital Bed Casters are specifically designed for hospital beds, stretchers, gurneys and medical chains. Common sizes are 4”, 5” and 8” casters which are equipped with sealed ball bearings, plastic thread guards and crowned wheels for easy rolling and turning. A central locking brake design provides a more positive wheel lock with more surface contact on the wheel.

Specialty Casters and wheels can be a broad category but specifically for medical applications we will mention wheel chair and bed replacement parts here. For wheel chairs, replacement parts are available on a versatile front wheel chair replacement fork, wheel chair replacement wheels, complete wheel chair front wheel casters as well as the wheel chair rear wheel which are 24” in diameter.