Pallet Jacks

In my constant attempt to find the proper material handling products for each of your applications, I want to touch base on a simple material handling product which people often forget that I offer.  Throughout every industrial warehouse, chances are you will find items stacked on top of pallets. These simple wooden frames are ubiquitous […]


Hi Everyone, This past week I was at the PFMA tradeshow with my team. PFMA stands for the Plant & Facilities Maintenance Association. This tradeshow is the largest industrial trade show in Wisconsin which was filled with a wide variety of vendors. Attendees of the tradeshow range from Northern Illinois to all areas of Wisconsin. […]

Hand Trucks

Hi everyone, With my name being The Caster Guy, I think it’s obvious that I specialize in casters and wheels. However, I am constantly reminding people that I also offer full lines of material handling products ranging from bins and totes to shelving and hydraulic lifts. One of the products I work with on a […]