Hand Trucks

Hi everyone,

With my name being The Caster Guy, I think it’s obvious that I specialize in casters and wheels. However, I am constantly reminding people that I also offer full lines of material handling products ranging from bins and totes to shelving and hydraulic lifts. One of the products I work with on a regular basis that I am constantly getting over looked for are hand trucks (sometimes referred to as two wheel dollies). I am excited to announce that my team and I finally put up a few hand truck models on our website! This is the beginning of our continuous process to update all of our product offerings on our website so hang with us with the limited selection right now. The models listed are complete hand trucks which come assembled and ship with FREE FREIGHT. I started with these hand truck models because these are some common models I have seen being used frequently in our area but this is not what our selection is limited to. We stock complete hand trucks along with individual components in our locations which gives us the flexibility to customize and meet any of your hand truck needs. We stock and distribute hand trucks from the top manufacturers in the industry and are constantly staying updated on new product developments to make sure we offer you the highest quality products in the industry. We also do hand truck repairs regular basis. We understand the wear and tear you put these hand trucks through so if you are in the Green Bay area, feel free to bring in your beat up hand truck for some TLC from one of our experts and we will repair any of the broken parts to keep it running like new.

Thank you,

The Caster Guy