Pallet Jacks

In my constant attempt to find the proper material handling products for each of your applications, I want to touch base on a simple material handling product which people often forget that I offer. 

Throughout every industrial warehouse, chances are you will find items stacked on top of pallets. These simple wooden frames are ubiquitous in any type of warehousing and manufacturing environment regardless of the type of product. Having the right tool to move these pallets will improve your operations significantly and make for a safe work environment for your employees. The pallet jack I stock comes in two different sizes and would be a great addition to your warehouse. The most common size of this pallet jack is the 27″x48″ model. This pallet jack has a load capacity of 5500lbs and rolls on polyurethane load wheels and rollers. Having the polyurethane wheels and rollers offers a quieter and smoother roll than a harder wheel material would. These are incredibly durable and are built to last. The great thing about these jacks is that as they get beat up with the wear and tear they are exposed to, replacement parts are available to keep the pallet jack operating like new. These replacement parts offer a huge cost savings in the long run compared to replacing the entire jack. The second size that this pallet jack is available in is the 20-1/2″ x 48″ model. Everything stays the same on this pallet jack except for the width of the forks. The narrower forks on the jack offer more flexibility in moving smaller sized pallets which are used to store products. Both of these pallet jacks are manually operated being raised by flipping down the lever on the handle and pumping the handle back and forth. The pallets are lowered to the ground by squeezing the lever on the handle. Pallet jacks allow for easy maneuvering of heavy loads throughout your warehouse and are an essential asset to any facility.

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