Hi Everyone,

This past week I was at the PFMA tradeshow with my team. PFMA stands for the Plant & Facilities Maintenance Association. This tradeshow is the largest industrial trade show in Wisconsin which was filled with a wide variety of vendors. Attendees of the tradeshow range from Northern Illinois to all areas of Wisconsin. The PFMA Expo offers one stop shopping for the full gamut of products and services offering the latest technologies to meet the needs of plants and facilities. This was my second year at this show and I have to say, the second time was even better than the first! We met so many great people and were able to have meaningful conversations about different material handling applications and issues people are currently having. These types of conversations are what keep my team and I on our toes and allow us to continue to improve our understanding of this industry. This was a great way for my team and I to interact with existing customers as well as meet with many new prospects which we hope to have the opportunity to work with in the future. I am continuously impressed with the unique companies I encounter in this industry along with all of the wonderful people within these companies. I am very thankful to PFMA for hosting such a great show and I also want to thank all of the people who worked and attended the show who helped make it so great.  Take a look at the picture below to see what our booth looked like at the show.

Thank you,

The Caster Guy