Difference between Wheels and Casters

The terms “wheels” and “casters” are often used interchangeably to describe rolling devices. As a result, many people assume they are the same. While wheels and casters are both rolling devices, they differ in several ways. To learn more about wheels and casters, including how they differ, keep reading. What Are Wheels? Wheels are round […]

How to Stop Caster Flutter

Casters offer an unparalleled level of convenience when compared to traditional wheels. Consisting of wheels attached to or embedded inside of a frame, they are used to move heavy objects. You can find casters on chairs, furniture, medical equipment and even machines. While convenient and easy to use, though, some casters may experience a problem […]

Why Choose Pneumatic Casters?

When shopping for casters, you will most certainly see pneumatic casters. They are a popular alternative to traditional casters. With their pneumatic operation, they can absorb shock while also protecting the objects with which they are used from damage. Keep reading for a better understanding of pneumatic casters and how they work. What Are Pneumatic […]

Polyurethane on Aluminum Wheels

Orange, donut tread, poly on aluminum, maintenance-free casters are an excellent solution for many different applications where ergonomics are important. Not only are these casters stylish and sleek looking. They are ergonomically designed and economically priced. Here at The Caster Guy, we have been improving our customer’s facility ergonomics in their 2” wide applications with […]


How Using the Proper Equipment Optimizes Your Cannabis Growing Facility The cannabis industry is growing at a rapid rate. Ever since Colorado voters passed Amendment 64 in early November 2012, more and more states have legalized cannabis for recreational use, medicinal use, or both. Cannabis businesses are also growing at a rapid rate. Dispensaries, growing […]

Rousseau Industrial Shelving

Rousseau Industrial Shelving is one of the top lines of industrial shelving in the industry. Rousseau products are designed and manufactured in North America which allows them to have complete control over their quality standards. Knowing that there is no one-size-fits-all solution, all of Rousseau’s product lines allow for customized configurations. This customized flexibility was […]