What Are Thread Guards and How Do They Work?

Thread guards can protect casters from loose threads, fibers and other forms of debris. All casters feature an undriven wheel. When mounted on the bottom of an object, you can use casters to roll and move the object. Loose threads, however, can cause casters to lock up. The good news is that some casters are equipped with thread guards to prevent this from happening.

Overview of Thread Guards

Thread guards are disc-shaped accessories that are designed to protect casters from loose threads. They were originally used in the textile industry.

Garment and textile businesses, of course, often have loose threads on their floors. These loose threads would wrap around the businesses’ casters, causing them to lock up and become immobile. Thread guards have since found their way into other industries, but they are used for the same purpose of protecting casters from loose threads and similar forms of debris on the floor.

How Thread Guards Work

While available in different materials, all thread guards are disc-shaped accessories. They are placed on the sides of a caster wheel — similar to the hubcaps found on automotive wheels. Each caster wheel has two thread guards. Located on the sides, they cover the caster wheel so that loose threads or other debris won’t wrap around the axle.

Thread guards typically don’t turn. Even when rolling a caster, the thread guards on the sides of the caster wheel will remain stationary. This allows the thread guards to prevent loose threads from wrapping around the axle.

Reasons to Choose Casters With Thread Guards

Why should you choose casters with thread guards? If you work in an industry where loose threads or other forms of debris is a problem, thread guards will protect your casters from failure. Without them, loose threads may wrap around the axle. Rolling a caster on the floor may cause it to pick up the loose threads. As the threads wrap around the axle, the caster wheel may become immobile.

With thread guards, your casters will continue to roll smoothly even when exposed to loose threads. The thread guards will cover the sides of the caster wheel so that it doesn’t pick up any loose threads.

In addition to protecting casters from loose threads and other forms of debris, thread casters are aesthetically pleasing. Most of them are made of metal and feature a chrome finish.

Thread guards are also durable. Whether made of stainless steel, carbon steel or even aluminum, they will withstand many years of use — all while protecting your caster wheels from loose threads.