Specialty Casters – Casters For Your Exact Application!

When your business needs a unique caster solution, specialty casters, also known as specialty wheels, may be the caster category that you need to look in to. Specialty casters or wheels, unlike regular casters or wheels, are made for a specific application, industry, or purpose.

The Caster Guy specializes in specialty casters (YES, we see the humor in that), and we have a wide range of types available for your various business needs and applications, including:

  • Dumpster casters and wheels
  • Ergonomic casters
  • Hotel and bellman cart casters
  • Low-profile casters
  • Spring-loaded casters
  • Freezer casters
  • Glass handling casters
  • Leveling casters
  • Medical casters
  • Pneumatic casters
  • Scaffolding casters
  • Shopping cart casters

Dumpster Casters And Wheels

Dumpster casters and wheels are specifically made for garbage dumpsters and trash containers within your business, allowing for a mobile trash system. There are many styles available, including the phenolic swivel caster, polyurethane on iron swivel caster, a rubber on iron swivel caster, polyurethane on cast iron wheel with a roller bearing, rubber on cast iron wheel with a roller bearing, and a phenolic wheel with a roller bearing.

Dumpster caster and wheel pads are available for fitting, and most dumpster casters and wheels are 6 inches in size.

Ergonomic Casters

Ergonomic casters are in-touch with the natural human movement. Ergonomic casters make moving materials a breeze, as they are designed to need less force in order to move the equipment. They are easy-to-use and can reduce injuries in your workplace.

There are many styles available, including high-impact polymer, polyurethane on aluminum, polyurethane on aluminum, and extra soft rubber.

Hotel & Bellman Cart Casters

Hotel and bellman carts, such as luggage carts, need specific wheels or casters: hotel and bellman cart casters. They are available in 6” and 8” sizes, and they typically have a rubber tread. They are medium-duty, as far as load capacity, being able to bear up to 200 or 300 pounds per caster.

Low-Profile Casters

Low-profile casters are low in height but still hold a large amount of weight. Low-profile casters are also small in size, typically 2 to 3 inches. There are many styles available, including Extrathane®, glass-filled nylon, phenolic, and solid polyurethane.

Spring-Loaded Casters

Spring-loaded casters, or spring-loaded wheels, are designed to provide a smooth ride for your materials, helping reduce noise and vibrations. They are great for fragile materials, such as technology, glass, and beyond. Garlands Inc. provides both polyurethane on aluminum and extra soft rubber styles of these casters.

Freezer Casters

Freezer casters are often a necessity in food and restaurant environments where mobility for frozen goods is important. One twin swivel freezer wheel can hold over 250 pounds on its own, is lightweight, and is an affordable way to make a food or restaurant business’s goods more flexible.

Glass Handling Casters

If you own or operate a glass handling business, glass handling casters are likely on your radar. These keep your fragile glass safe on conveyor systems and other applications by ensuring a smooth, bump-free ride.

Leveling Casters

Leveling casters are unique in that they lack bearings. These wheels are fixed directly to the axle. They are used when movement isn’t often needed and to make a table or workstation stationary. They are made with nylon and come in a wide range of sizes – around 1-1/2 inches to 4 inches.

Leveling casters allow you to adjust the height of a table or piece of equipment, and they are used level a table or piece of equipment on uneven floors. They can even hold heavy loads. They are used for flexible workspaces, equipment, machinery, and more.

Medical Casters

Medical casters are made for medical equipment and medical applications. They are made to be easy to clean and provide a smooth, quiet movement of your materials and equipment. The many styles include medical plate casters, stainless steel medical casters, antimicrobial casters, chrome hospital casters, and medical twin wheel casters.

Pneumatic Casters

Just like our vehicles’ tires are filled with air, so are pneumatic casters. These are rubber wheels that have air in them. They provide a cushy ride and absorb bumps and jolts. The most popular sizes include 8 and 10 inches, and there are many styles available with different treads, swivel capabilities, and beyond.

They are popular for outdoor use, due to their ability to perform well over tough terrain.

Scaffolding Casters

Scaffolding casters are heavy-duty and can hold hundreds of pounds per caster. They can also withstand extremely high temperatures. They are used in a wide range of applications, and popular sizes include 6-inch and 8-inch.

Shopping Cart Casters

If you own or operate a retail store, you may be in need of shopping cart casters. Implementing these top-notch specialty casters allows for great customer experiences while driving your shopping carts. They typically have a polyurethane tread, come in 5-inch sizes, and are affordable.