The Benefits of Ergonomic Casters

Are you interested in adding ergonomic casters to your business?

Whether you’re in the foodservice industry, the cannabis industry, or another business industry, casters are a part of your everyday life and workflow. They may be overlooked as an integral part of your everyday operations, but they are vital to your productivity and business.

Whether you appreciate them on a day-to-day basis or not, casters help keep your equipment mobile, helping you easily rearrange your workspaces and equipment as needed, help you keep your workspace and equipment as clean as possible, and make your workflow mobile.

While casters are a great addition to any business, all casters are not created equal. If your business is currently using other casters, you are missing out on the many benefits of ergonomic casters. Ergonomic casters are designed to reduce resistance and force during use, which makes your workflow easier than ever.

Since they are focused on ergonomics, ergonomic casters are created to work the same way that humans move and use things. They are simply smarter than other casters. No matter what industry you are in or what application you use casters for, your business can greatly benefit from ergonomic casters in many ways, including greater mobility, increased productivity, and improved safety.

Ergonomic Casters Provide Greater Mobility

One of the top benefits of ergonomic casters is the ability to make moving your equipment by hand easier. If you’re currently using rigid casters, you know that it can be a hassle to move things around with the limited mobility that they allow. Rigid casters limit you to only back-and-forth movement, which can be a pain for everyone involved, and it is simply not in line with the way humans work and think.

Ergonomic casters are a great improvement from rigid casters. Ergonomic casters have a wide range of attributes that contribute to better mobility: larger wheel diameter for easier pushing and pulling, slimmer wheels for less force required to push and turn, a polyurethane tread for easier swiveling and quiet gliding, skid resistance, ball bearings for little-to-no maintenance, and more.

With ergonomic casters, you can move your equipment around with ease, and they even make your loads lighter. You and your employees will experience fewer starts and stops and less trouble moving around, and your employees will no longer complain about the lack of mobility that your current casters allow.

Ergonomic Casters Increase Productivity

When you’re using ergonomic casters on your business’ equipment, you will see an increase in productivity and an improved workflow. Your employees will love how easy it is to move equipment around, which helps everything run smoother. You can enjoy that it is no longer a hassle, unnecessarily tiring, and frustrating to move heavy items around.

Ergonomic casters are your ally into increasing productivity, lowering costs, and improving workplace morale. When your work is focused on moving materials around on a regular basis, ergonomic casters make it easier for everyone to keep moving and productive, which will help you and your business grow and succeed in the long-term.

Ergonomic Casters Improve Safety

When your heavy equipment has rigid casters instead of ergonomic casters (or no casters at all), you will have trouble moving things around. When your equipment isn’t optimized to be moved properly, it can cause injuries and accidents, due to overexertion or just simply having trouble maneuvering.

Ergonomic casters make moving your equipment around easy. Especially when a business is constantly dealing with heavy equipment, ease of use is important in making your workplace safer. Employees need to be able to easily and effortlessly move things around so that you can create a safe, accident-free environment.

Effective Uses for Ergonomic Casters

Ergonomic casters come in handy for many applications, as well as many workplaces and industries. Ergonomic casters can be found used in a variety of workplaces, including:

  • Medical environments, such as hospitals, offices, and warehouses
  • Business offices
  • Foodservice and food handling businesses
  • Commercial environments, such as retail stores and outlets
  • Industrial warehouses
  • And more

Whether you are moving equipment, machinery, or something else, ergonomic casters can be utilized on a day-to-day basis to make you and your employees’ lives easier. Ergonomic casters are proven effective for use in:

  • Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)
  • Towing applications
  • Assembly conveyance
  • Body weld
  • Manufacturing applications of all types

Ergonomic Caster Product Spotlight: Albion Ax Wheel

From the caster experts and a leading manufacturer of both standard and custom application casters and wheels, Albion, is the Albion AX Wheel. The Albion AX Wheel, sold through Garlands, Inc., is focused on providing superior ergonomic performance for a wide range of businesses and applications. It is available in sizes 4 inches through 8 inches — all with a 2-inch tread width.

Albion AX Wheels are made with aluminum and polyurethane for extra durability and resilience in any material handling environment, and when tested, the AX Wheel required 20% less force than comparable wheels. Albion Caster created the AX Wheels with the customer in mind, focusing on ergonomics, ease of maneuverability, reduced injury, and added durability.

The 85 Shore A durometer polyurethane tread is bonded chemically and mechanically to the lightweight aluminum core for easy, quiet movement across any type of floor — even those covered in debris. Each wheel adds a load-carrying ability of up to 1,500 pounds. They are also skid resistant and maintenance-free during operation.