5 Benefits of Choosing Semi-Steel Casters

You can’t go wrong with semi-steel casters. Whether you’re planning to use them indoors or outdoors, they will last a long time — all while rolling smoothly on the objects to which they are mounted. Semi-steel casters receive their namesake from their use of steel and iron wheels. The wheels aren’t made entirely of steel or iron. Rather, semi-steel casters feature wheels made of both steel and iron. What are the benefits of choosing semi-steel casters exactly?

#1) Protection From Dents and Damage

Semi-steel casters offer a high level of protection against dents and other forms of damage. Some casters are made entirely of iron. Iron casters are heavy, but they are more susceptible to dents and damage than their semi-steel counterparts. If you’re looking for durable casters that will last a long time, you may want to choose semi-steel casters, instead.

#2) Rated for Heavy Loads

Semi-steel casters are typically rated for heavier loads than many other types of casters. Load ratings, of course, represent the maximum amount of weight a given caster can safely support. Some semi-steel casters are rated for thousands of pounds. If you use four semi-steel casters on an object — and each of those casters is rated for 1,000 pounds each — they’ll support 4,000 pounds total.

#3) Easy to Roll

You can rest assured knowing that semi-steel casters are easy to roll. Like all casters, they feature a wheel. Semi-steel casters are characterized by the use of steel and iron wheels. With their steel and iron construction, they are easy to roll. The wheels are machined to achieve a smooth, round shape. Once mounted on the bottom of an object, you can easily roll them.

#4) Greasable

You can grease semi-steel casters. Grease acts as a lubricant. It will reduce friction while subsequently protecting the casters’ bearings from premature wear and tear. Grease won’t damage semi-steel casters. On the contrary, it will protect them from damage.

#5) Heat Resistant

If you’re planning to use them in a hot environment, you may want to choose semi-steel casters. They are naturally heat resistant. Some semi-steel casters can withstand up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit. This makes them a popular choice for ovens, baking racks and other heat-producing appliances.

Rather than choosing all-steel or all-iron casters, you should consider choosing semi-steel casters. They feature wheels made of both steel and iron. Some of the benefits of choosing semi-steel casters include protection from dents and damage, easy to roll, greasable and heat resistant.