What Are Spring-Loaded Casters and How Do They Work?

When rolling heavy objects over rough or uneven terrain, you’ll need to use the right type of casters. All casters feature a wheel with an integrated assembly, but some of them are better suited for rough or even terrain than others. Spring-loaded casters, for instance, are easier to roll on such terrain than most other casters. What are spring-loaded casters exactly, and how do they work?

What Are Spring-Loaded Casters?

Spring-loaded casters are casters that feature a built-in spring. They are designed to absorb shock so that the objects with which they are used roll more smoothly.

They may look like ordinary casters, but spring-loaded casters are distinguished from all other casters by their use of a spring. They feature a spring — typically a compression spring — between the wheel and mounting plate or stem.

How Spring-Loaded Casters Work

Spring-loaded casters leverage a built-in spring to absorb shock. The spring essentially cushions the objects with which they are used. As you roll an object on a set of spring-loaded casters, the springs will absorb shock while simultaneously cushioning the object.

Most spring-loaded casters are plate-mounted. At the top of a spring-loaded caster is flat plate, which is used for mounting. You can install them by positioning the plates on the bottom of an object, followed by driving fasteners through the plates and into the objects.

When to Use Spring-Loaded Casters

You should consider using spring-loaded casters when rolling objects over rough or uneven terrain. Spring-loaded casters are classified as shock-absorbing casters. This is because they use a spring to absorb shock.

There’s more shock, of course, when rolling objects over rough or uneven terrain as opposed to smooth and flat terrain. The objects may bounce up and down. But spring-loaded casters promote smoother rolling over rough or uneven terrain by absorbing shock.

In addition to absorbing shock, spring-loaded casters are quiet. Other casters may be somewhat noisy, especially when rolling them over rough or uneven terrain. Spring-loaded casters are able to absorb shock and, thus, vibrations to promote a quieter operation.

For particularly heavy objects, spring-loaded casters are a smart investment. They have a higher load capacity than most other casters. Some spring-loaded casters can support up to 500 pounds, whereas others can support up to 1,250 pounds. Keep in mind that load capacity is per caster. If you use four 500-pound-rated spring-loaded casters, the maximum weight they can collectively support is 2,000 pounds.