What Are Grip Ring Stem Casters?

You can’t choose the right casters without considering the way in which they are mounted. Most casters are mounted via a plate or stem. You can mount them on the bottom of objects by connecting a plate or stem to those objects.

Grip ring stem casters are classified as stem casters. Like all other stem casters, they feature a rod-like stem for mounting. Grip ring stem casters, however, feature a unique mounting assembly that’s not found elsewhere.

Overview of Grip Ring Stem Casters

Grip ring casters are characterized by the use of a compression ring. They still feature a stem. The stem is a cylindrical rod at the top of a grip ring stem caster. At the base of the stem, though, is a compression ring.

The compression ring is a brass ring that’s designed to compress within the hole of the object with which it’s used. You can mount a grip ring stem caster on the bottom of an object by inserting the stem into the object. As the stem enters the hole on the bottom of the object, the compression ring will compress and expand.

They are known as “grip ring stem casters” because they are designed to grip the inner walls of the holes in which they are placed. They will compress and expand inside of the holes, thus gripping the inner walls.

Benefits of Grip Ring Stem Casters

Unless you’ve used grip ring stem casters in the past, you might be wondering what benefits they offer. Grip ring casters are easy to install. You don’t have to mess with a bunch of bolts and nuts. To install a grip ring stem caster, you just need to push it into a hole on the bottom of the object. The brass compression ring will then expand to prevent the grip ring stem caster from falling out.

You can find grip ring casters in different wheel sizes. Some of them feature bigger wheels than others. Common wheel sizes for grip ring casters include 2 inches, 3 inches, 4 inches and 5 inches in diameter.

Grip ring stem casters are reliable. You don’t have to worry about them failing prematurely. As long as you stay within the load capacity — most of them have a load capacity of 80 to 150 pounds — grip ring stem casters will last a long time.

Another benefit of grip ring stem casters is that they are low maintenance. Aside from applying the occasional lubricant, they don’t require any other form of maintenance. You can essentially set and forget them.