What Are V-Groove Caster Wheels?

Wheels are an essential part of casters. All casters have at least one wheel. By definition, a caster is an assembly consisting of one or more undriven wheels. You can install them on the bottom of carts, furniture and other objects for mobility purposes. While some casters feature standard wheels, though, others are equipped with V-groove wheels. What are V-groove caster wheels exactly?

An Introduction to V-Groove Caster Wheels

V-groove caster wheels are characterized by their shape. They feature a deep groove in the center, resulting in a V-like shape. Standard caster wheels lack this groove. Some of them may feature tread, but only V-groove caster wheels have a deep groove in the center.

What Are V-Groove Caster Wheels Made Of?

The V-groove caster wheels sold here at The Caster Guy are made of cast iron. Cast iron, of course, is an alloy consisting of primarily of iron and 2% to 4% carbon. It may contain other elements — silicon, manganese, etc. — but cast iron consists mostly of iron and a small amount of carbon.

You can find V-groove caster wheels made of cast iron. With their cast-iron construction, they are very strong. Some of them can support up to 6,000 pounds per wheel. V-groove caster wheels are also resistant to both heat and cold. Caster wheels made of other materials may succumb to performant deformation when exposed to hot or cold temperatures, but this isn’t a concern for V-groove caster wheels.

How V-Groove Caster Wheels Work

With their V-like shape, V-groove caster wheels can be used on tracks. You can essentially roll them on tracks. The deep grove in the center of the wheels will keep them on the tracks.

You aren’t limited to using V-groove caster wheels on tracks. While many people use them on tracks, V-groove caster wheels support other surfaces. You can roll them on concrete, hardwood, laminate and most other types of flat surfaces.

Conveyor trucks often use V-groove caster wheels. Alternatively, you can find them on hand trucks. The bottom line is that you can use them on tracks or flat surfaces. V-groove casters work like other caster wheels by allowing you to roll the objects with which they are used. V-groove caster wheels simply feature a V-like shape.

In Conclusion

V-groove caster wheels are distinguished from other types of wheels by their shape. They feature a deep grove in the center of their cast iron body.