The Benefits of Glass-Filled Nylon Wheels

Different types of casters feature different wheel materials. Some of them feature hard rubber wheels, whereas others feature soft rubber wheels. You can find casters with glass-filled nylon wheels. It may sound like an unconventional wheel material, but glass-filled nylon offers several noteworthy benefits.

Excellent Chemical Resistance

You can rest assured knowing that glass-filled nylon wheels are resistant to chemicals. Casters are often used in commercial workspaces where they are frequently exposed to chemicals on the floor. Over time, exposure to these chemicals can degrade and damage their respective wheels. Glass-filled nylon wheels are resistant to chemicals, however. They won’t succumb to damage or degradation — even when exposed to solvents or other harsh chemicals.

Super Strong and Durable

Glass-filled nylon wheels are incredibly strong and durable. Nylon is already relatively strong. But adding glass to it increases its strength and durability. Glass-filled nylon is exactly what it sounds like: nylon that’s stuffed or filled with glass. Research shows that the tensile strength of glass-filled nylon is up to 70% higher than that of plain nylon.


While strong and durable, glass-filled nylon wheels are still lightweight. They weigh less than most other wheels, specifically those made of a metal or alloy. Neither nylon nor glass are metals or alloys. Nylon is a synthetic polymer, whereas glass is a transparent amorphous solid. Regardless, glass-filled nylon wheels don’t contain any metals or alloys, so they weigh less than their counterparts.

Supports Heavy Loads

If you’re looking for caster wheels to use with heavy objects, you may want to choose glass-filled nylon. Thanks to their strong and durable construction, they support heavy loads. Some glass-filled nylon wheels support up to 500 pounds per wheel, whereas others support up to 800 pounds per wheel.

Withstands Extreme Temperature

Glass-filled nylon wheels can withstand extreme temperatures. They are often used for refrigeration cart casters, and they are used in environments where heat is a concern. Glass-filled nylon wheels are vulnerable to damage caused by extreme temperatures. Many of them can withstand temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit and up to 250 degrees Fahrenheit.

Smooth Rolling

Glass-filled wheels are easy to roll. They smooth smoothly and with little or no resistance. If you regularly struggle to push objects on which casters are attached, glass-filled wheels may offer a solution. You can attach them on the bottom of objects. You can then easily push those objects. Glass-filled nylon wheels roll smoothly, which is one more reason to consider choosing them.