5 Benefits of Choosing Sintered Iron Casters

Have you heard of sintered iron casters? They aren’t the same as traditional iron casters. They are still made of iron, but sintered iron casters are distinguished from other iron casters by their textured surface. They are made by compressing powdered iron particles onto the surface of the wheel. Here are five benefits of choosing sintered iron casters.

#1) Superior Traction

When compared to other types of casters, sintered iron casters offer superior traction. They don’t slip or slide as easily as other types of casters. Rather, sintered iron casters “grip” the floor on which they are rolled, resulting in superior traction. This is because sintered iron casters have a textured wheel surface, whereas other types of casters typically have a smooth wheel surface.

#2) High Weight Capacity

Sintered iron casters can support a lot of weight. Some of them can support 200 pounds per wheel. Other sintered iron casters can support 250 or more pounds per week. Iron is a strong, durable material. Sintered iron casters are made of compressed iron particles, so they have a high weight capacity.

#3) Protection From Hot and Cold Temperatures

If you’re looking for casters to use in an exceptionally hot or cold environment, you may want to choose sintered iron casters. They can withstand extreme temperatures without failing or degrading. A typical set of sintered iron casters, for example, can withstand temperatures as low as minus 40 degrees Fahrenheit and temperatures as high as 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

#4) Inexpensive

Sintered iron casters are a popular choice among budget-conscious business owners. They cost less than many other types of casters. All sintered iron casters are made of iron. The wheels feature compressed iron particles, which is responsible for their textured wheel surface. And with their iron construction, sintered iron casters are inexpensive.

#5) Versatility

Another benefit of choosing sintered iron casters is versatility. You can use them in dozens of applications. Sintered iron casters are commonly used on dollies, hand trucks and other material handling carts. They are also used on bakery racks, server racks, shopping carts and even store fixtures. Regardless, if you need a reliable set of casters for an object, you can’t go wrong with sintered iron casters.

Sintered iron casters offer many benefits, including superior traction, high weight capacity, protection from hot and cold temperatures, a low price tag and versatility. The only downside is that they are susceptible to corrosion. All iron wheels and iron objects can succumb to corrosion, and sintered iron casters are no exception. Fortunately, you can protect them from corrosion by keeping them dry. Make sure the sintered iron casters aren’t exposed to fluids or chemicals.