What Are Leveling Casters? Here’s What You Should Know

Casters are available in different styles. All casters, of course, feature one or more wheels. You can install them on the bottom of objects, after which you can roll the objects. Some casters feature a single wheel, whereas others feature two or even three wheels. Regardless, all casters have at least one wheel.

In addition to one or more wheels, though, some casters have a built-in leveling feature. Known as leveling casters, they offer a versatile alternative to traditional casters.

What Are Leveling Casters?

Leveling casters are dual-purpose casters. You can use them to roll objects, and you can use them to level objects. All casters support rolling, but only leveling casters support leveling.

How Leveling Casters Work

When inspecting a leveling caster, you may notice that it has a horizontal dial above the wheel. There are different types of leveling casters, but most of them feature a horizontal dial such as this. Turning the dial will adjust the height of the leveling caster.

Turning the dial in one direction will raise the leveling caster, whereas turning the dial in the opposite direction will lower the leveling caster. If you have multiple leveling casters on the bottom of an object, you can adjust their respective heights until the object becomes level.

Leveling casters still feature at least one wheel, but they also feature a leveling mechanism. The leveling mechanism typically consists of a pad. Adjusting the height of a leveling caster will press the pad against the ground or floor.

Reasons to Choose Leveling Casters

With leveling casters, you can stabilize and level objects after moving them. If an object isn’t level, you may want to choose leveling casters. Traditional casters will only allow you to roll the object. Leveling casters will allow you to roll and level the object.

Leveling casters eliminate the need for leveling feet. There are leveling feet available that are designed to level objects. Leveling feet are height-adjustable pads that are designed to level objects. Leveling casters serve this same purpose. As long as you install leveling casters on the bottom of an object, you won’t need to use separate leveling feet on the same object.

You don’t have to worry about objects rolling away if you choose leveling casters. When you level an object with these casters, the object will become stationary. The wheels will rise, and the pads will drop. With leveling casters, you can prevent objects from rolling after moving them.