The Benefits of Phenolic Casters

When shopping for casters, you may come across phenolic casters. They are characterized by a phenolic construction, meaning their wheels are made of phenolic resin. Phenolic resin typically consists of the compound of its namesake, phenol, along with fibers. Phenol is mixed with one or more fibers to create phenolic resin. This phenolic resin is then used to create phenolic casters. Now that you know how phenolic casters are made, you might be wondering what benefits they offer.


Phenolic casters are lightweight. They weigh less than many other types of casters, including steel casters. Phenolic resin, of course, isn’t a metal; it’s a type of synthetic compound. As a result, casters made of phenolic casters typically weigh less than those made of steel, iron and other metals and alloys. If you’re looking for a set of lightweight casters, you may want to choose phenolic casters.


You can rest assured knowing that phenolic casters won’t leak. Unlike pneumatic casters, they aren’t filled with air or gas. Phenolic casters are solid. They feature solid wheels that are made entirely of phenolic resin. With their solid wheels, they can’t leak. Even if you run over a tack or other sharp object, the wheels won’t leak. You may inadvertently puncture a phenolic caster if you run it over a sharp object, but it won’t leak. Phenolic casters have solid wheels that are immune to air or gas leaks.

Chemical Resistant

In addition to being leakproof, phenolic casters are chemical resistant. They won’t degrade when exposed to various chemicals. Most phenolic casters are resistant to oils, solvents, greases and other chemicals. If you’re looking for a set of new casters to use in the workplace, phenolic casters may be the answer. With their chemical-resistant properties, they can withstand common chemicals in the workplace.

Heat Resistant

Phenolic casters are also heat resistant Some of them can withstand temperatures of over 500 degrees Fahrenheit. They won’t melt or otherwise fail. Even when exposed to extreme heat, phenolic casters will continue to operate as intended. Phenolic casters are often used on the bottom of commercial ovens and other heating appliances thanks to their heat-resistant properties.

Available in Laminated Styles

Phenolic casters are available in laminated styles. Laminated phenolic casters are still made of phenolic resin. They are distinguished from other types of phenolic casters, though, by their multilayered design. Laminated phenolic casters are made of multiple, heat-treated layers. When compared to traditional phenolic casters, laminated phenolic casters are about 40% more impact resistant and have a 25% higher load capacity.