5 Things to Look for When Choosing Freezer Casters

You shouldn’t use ordinary casters on a freezer. Instead, you should use freezer casters. Freezer casters are designed specifically for freezers and other refrigeration systems. You can mount them on the bottom of a freezer, after which you can roll the freezer. While freezer casters may look like ordinary casters, they typically have different features. Here are five things to look for when choosing freezer casters.

#1) Resistant to Cold Temperatures

Freezer casters need to be resistant to cold temperatures. After all, freezers have a cold, climate-controlled interior. Freezer casters aren’t necessarily installed inside of freezers, but they will still be exposed to cold temperatures. When shopping for freezer casters, make sure they are resistant to cold temperatures. Otherwise, they may not last.

#2) Resistant to Oil and Grease

In addition to cold temperatures, you should choose freezer casters that are resistant to oil and grease. Commercial freezers often contain oil or grease. When exposed to these substances, casters may degrade. Some casters may corrode when exposed to oil or grease, whereas others may simply “lock up.” Fortunately, there are freezer casters available that are resistant to oil and grease.

#3) Strong Wheels

Some casters have stronger wheels than others. Freezer casters require strong wheels. After all, commercial freezers are heavy when stocked. If the wheels are made of a cheap, low-quality material, they may fail to accommodate the weight of the freezer. Therefore, you should look for strong wheels when choosing freezer casters. Fiberglass-reinforced nylon wheels are a popular choice for freezer casters. They are strong, durable, resistant to cold temperatures and resistant to oil and grease.

#4) Swivel Style

Swivel-style freezer casters are undoubtedly convenient. Unlike rigid casters, they can swivel in a 360-degree range. With swivel-style freezer casters, you can rotate the freezer in all directions. As a result, you can move and position the freezer with greater ease.

#5) Braking System

You should look for a braking system when choosing freezer casters. A braking system will allow you to lock the freezer casters in place. The freezer casters won’t roll. You can typically engage the brakes by pressing a lever with your foot. After engaging the brakes, the freezer casters will lock in place.

Commercial freezers and refrigeration systems require the use of special casters. When choosing freezer casters, some of the top features to look for instance cold resistance, oil and grease resistance, strong wheels, a swivel system and a braking system.