What is a Rotacaster?

What is a Rotacaster?

The Rotacaster principle is straightforward. Our sturdy omni wheel combines 360-degree mobility with the stability of a solid attachment. The Rotacaster wheel’s unique design, which uses integrated rollers rather than a swivel mount, achieves this. A fantastic upgrade from ordinary swivel casters. Rotacaster’s multi-directional wheels provide better, dependable performance in a variety of material handling, conveyor, OEM, robotic, and other applications that require precise omni-directional maneuverability. Rotacaster wheels are constructed of molded polymers and are strong, impact and chemical resistant, allowing for the creation of entirely new multi-directional movement solutions for consumers, businesses, and industries.

48mm Wheels and Mounts

The Rotacaster 48mm Omnia multi-directional wheel has been engineered for both floor and inverted applications.  The Omnia wheel can be used inverted in manual and powered conveyor transfer systems along with many other applications. The Rotacaster 48mm Omnia multi-directional wheel provides the perfect alternative to swivel casters, ball transfers, conveyor wheels and rollers.

50 mm Omnia Wheels and Mounts

The NEW Rotacaster 50mm Omnia multi-directional wheel is designed for use on the floor as well as inverted. In manual and powered conveyor transfer systems, skate rails, pipe rollers, and workstation transfer tables, the Omnia wheel can be employed inverted. The Rotacaster can be used as a caster, furniture caster, or robot wheel as a floor wheel. Swivel casters, ball transfers, conveyor wheels, and rollers can all be replaced with the Rotacaster 50mm Omnia multi-directional wheel.

125 mm Wheels and Mounts

A great alternative to swivel casters is the Rotacaster 125mm multi-directional wheel. The primary wheel’s fixed orientation provides forward and reverse movement without having to contend with a swivel caster offset, while the periphery rollers allow for turning, rotating, lateral, and diagonal movement. This also eliminates all skipping associated with fixed wheels when navigating turns.