The Beginner’s Guide to Expansion Stem Casters

Stem casters are available in different styles. Unlike plate casters, they all have a cylindrical rod at the top. Known as a stem, it’s used to mount stem casters on the bottom of objects. Expansion stem casters have a stem as well, but they can expand to create a tight and secure fit.

Expansion Stem Casters Defined

Expansion stem casters are characterized by their ability to expand inside of objects. If you need to roll an object, you can mount stem casters on the bottom of the object. Stem casters consist of wheels, so you can use them to roll furniture, carts, dollies and other objects. Expansion stem casters are simply able to expand inside of objects.

How Expansion Stem Casters Differ From Traditional Stem Casters

You might be wondering how expansion stem casters differ from traditional stem casters. Expansion is a specific style of stem casters. All stem casters have a stem, which is used to mount them on the bottom of objects. If an object has open tubing fixtures on the bottom, you can insert the stem of a caster into each of these fixtures.

Only expansion stem casters can expand inside of objects. Traditional stem casters may feature a grip neck or grip ring. When inserted into the bottom of an object, the grip neck or grip ring will hold them in place. Other types of stem casters have a threaded stem. They don’t have a smooth. Rather, they have a threaded stem that resembled a bolt or screw. You can install them on the bottom of objects by twisting them into a threaded hole.

Expansion stem casters feature a hex nut under the lower raceway. Using a wrench, you can turn this hex nut to expand them. Turning the hex nut will expand the rubber piece around the stem. As the stem expands, it will create a tight and secure fit in the open tubing fixture of the object.

Tips on Choosing Expansion Stem Casters

If you’re going to buy expansion stem casters, you should consider the wheel material. Most expansion stem casters feature the same type of expandable stem with a rubber adapter. Nonetheless, they are available in different wheel materials. Some expansion stem casters feature a hard rubber wheel, whereas others feature a polyolefin, polyurethane or steel wheel.

The load capacity of expansion stem casters may vary. Some of them have a load capacity of 200 pounds, whereas others have a load capacity of 350 pounds.

You should consider the size of the stem when choosing expansion stem casters. If it’s too long, it may not fit in the open tubing fixture. Common stem sizes include 3 inch, 4 inch and 5 inch.