The Beginner’s Guide to Never Flat Casters

If you’re looking for a set of reliable casters, you may want to choose never flat casters. You can attach them to the bottom of carts, equipment, furniture and other objects. While never flat casters look like ordinary plate casters, though, they eliminate the possibility of flat wheels. Even when used on a daily basis, they won’t deflate or otherwise go flat.

Overview of Never Flat Casters

Never flat casters are commercial-grade casters that live up to their namesake by never going flat. They typically come in the form of plate casters. Rather than a rod-like stem at the top, they feature a flat plate. You can mount never flat casters to the bottom of an object by driving fasteners through this plate.

When filled with air, casters may go flat. Pneumatic casters are characterized by an air-filled design. Air, of course, can leak out of them. If the sidewall is punctured – or if the valve stem is damaged – air may leak out of pneumatic casters. Alternatively, pneumatic casters may go flat in cold weather. Cold weather will force the air in the casters to compress, resulting in a loss of internal pressure.

How Never Flat Casters Work

You might be wondering how never flat casters work. Most never flat casters are made of a solid material. Ever-Roll, for instance, is a brand of never flat casters that features a polyurethane foam construction. Ever-roll casters aren’t pneumatic casters, so air can’t leak out of them, nor can they go flat. Instead, they consist of polyurethane foam.

Common Features of Never Flat Casters

Never flat casters are able to absorb shock without the risk of leaking air. One of the main benefits of pneumatic casters, of course, is shock absorption. With their air-filled tires, they can absorb shock to ensure a smooth rolling operation. Never flat casters offer similar shock-absorption properties but without the risk of leaking air.

Since they don’t contain air, never flat casters are easy to maintain. You don’t have to worry about them going flat. You won’t have to patch any leaks, and you won’t have to refill never flat casters with air.

Another feature of never flat casters is deep tread. They typically have deep tread that’s able to create strong traction with the floor on which they are rolled. Never flat casters don’t aren’t smooth. When inspecting them, you’ll notice they have deep tread. With this deep tread, they create more traction than other, smoother casters.