What Are Low-Profile Casters?

When researching some of the different types of casters, you may encounter low-profile casters. Also known as business machine casters, they are commonly used in the workplace. What are low-profile casters exactly, and when should you consider using them?

The Basics of Low-Profile Casters

Low-profile casters are mountable wheels that feature a short, low-profile design. Whether they have a top plate or a stem, all casters are mountable wheels. You can mount them to the bottom of objects using a set of threaded fasteners. Low-profile casters are simply shorter than other types of casters.

The height of a caster reflects the distance from the bottom of the wheel to the bottom of the object on which it’s mounted. Alternatively, you can measure the distance from the bottom of the object to the floor. When mounted, low-profile casters will offer a shorter distance to the floor than other types of casters. The object will essentially sit closer to the floor.

Reasons to Choose Low-Profile Casters

If you’re looking for casters to use in areas with a low clearance, you may want to choose low-profile casters. Other types of casters may result in objects exceeding the clearance of a doorway or hallways. You won’t be able to roll the objects through these areas if it exceeds the clearance. Low-profile casters, however, are shorter, so they may offer a solution.

You can mount low-profile casters on the bottom of objects. The objects will then sit closer to the floor, allowing you to roll them through doorways or hallways with a low clearance.

Because they are commonly used in the workplace, low-profile casters are durable. They are made of strong materials and feature high load ratings. Regardless of what type of object you are trying to roll, low-profile casters are an excellent choice. Their durable properties allow them to withstand heavy use.

Objects are typically more stable when rolled on low-profile casters. They will lower the center of the gravity of the objects with which they are used. Objects will sit closer to the ground, which will minimize the risk of them tipping over.

In Conclusion

Casters that allow objects to sit close to the floor are classified as low-profile casters. They are shorter than other types of casters, allowing for a shorter mounting height. Low-profile casters are ideal for use in areas with a low clearance. They are also very durable and provide increased stability with objects.