How to Stop Casters From Rolling on Their Own

Casters often have a mind of their own. When placed on a sloped or otherwise uneven floor, they may roll. Casters may also roll if you accidentally bump into the object on which they are installed. How do you stop casters from rolling on their own exactly?

Choose Braking Casters

Some casters are designed with a braking feature. Each braking caster features a small lever-like pedal that you can push down with your foot to engage a cam. As the cam presses against the side of the caster, it will create resistance.

You can stop braking casters from rolling on their own by pushing down the pedals with your foot. There are swivel-style braking casters, for instance, that are designed with a braking feature. Pushing down the pedal will create resistance that prevents the caster from rolling. Pushing the opposite side of the pedal, conversely, will release the cam so that the caster can roll freely once again.

Choose Locking Casters

Rather than braking casters, you may want to choose locking casters. Also known as total lock casters, locking casters are more effective at preventing unintentional rolling than braking casters.

Locking casters essentially have two types of locks. They have a cam lock – the same type used in braking casters – and they have a vertical shaft lock. With two types of locks, locking casters are more secure than braking casters.

Braking casters will often have some degree of movement even when the pedals are pressed. They may not be able to roll, but braking casters may still be able to swivel from side to side. Locking casters offer a solution. They won’t be able to roll or swivel when locked into place.

Install Floor Locks

There are accessories available to prevent casters from rolling. Known as floor locks, they are mounted on the bottom of objects next to the casters.

Floor locks consist of a spring-loaded locking mechanism that works in conjunction with a pedal. You can push the pedal with your foot, which will cause a rubber pad to drop. The rubber pad will extend all the way to the floor while creating resistance that immobilizes the adjacent casters.

Allowing casters to roll freely isn’t a good idea. When mounted to heavy objects, they may cause damage or bodily injury. You can stop casters from rolling on their own by choosing braking or locking casters, or by installing floor locks.