The Benefits of Plate Casters

If you’re planning to buy casters, you might be wondering whether plate casters are the right choice. Also known as plate-mount casters, they consist of a top plate, axle and a wheel. They don’t have a stem. Rather, the top plate secures the axle and wheel. What are the benefits of plate casters exactly?

Easy to Install

With their flat top plate, plate casters are easy to install. Most plate casters feature four bolt holes in their top plate. The bolt holes may be straight or slotted. Regardless, you can install plate casters by positioning them on the bottom of the object, followed by driving bolts through these holes and into the object.


Plate casters are strong. Most plate casters, in fact, are stronger than stem casters. Stem casters don’t have a top plate. As their name suggests, they have a rod-like stem that extends from the center. The stem acts like a bolt by connecting the stem caster to the bottom of the object. But stem casters only have a single stem, whereas plate casters typically have four bolts.

Supports Caster Pads

Another reason to consider plate casters is support for caster pads. You can use plate casters by themselves, or you can use them with caster pads. Caster pads are accessories that allow you to swap out casters without fastening or unfastening the casters’ bolts. After welding a set of caster pads on the bottom of the object, you can slide plate casters into them.

Better Weight Distribution

Plate casters offer better weight distribution than their stem counterparts. The top plate will cover a greater surface area on the bottom of the object. Therefore, most plate casters are rated for heavier loads than stem casters. Stem casters are perfectly fine for lightweight objects. For heavier objects, though, you may want to choose plate casters. Plate casters offer better weight distribution, which allows them to accommodate heavier loads.

Available in a Variety of Styles

You can find plate casers in a variety of styles. All plate casters have a top plate. The top plate is typically rectangular or squared and features four bolt holes. Nonetheless, you can find plate casters in many different styles. There are locking plate casters, for instance, that feature a locking mechanism, and there are the kingpin less casters that feature a swiveling mechanism without a kingpin assembly.