What Are Caster Pads and How Do They Work?

Replacing casters isn’t always easy. Casters are often secured to the bottom of objects with a set of bolts. You’ll have to remove the old casters by loosening these bolts, after which you can replace them with new casters.

If you find yourself regularly replacing casters, though, you may want to invest in caster pads. Caster pads will simplify the process of replacing casters while saving you both time and energy in the process.

Overview of Caster Pads

Caster pads are accessories that allow you to quickly swap out caster. They consist of a square-shaped mounting frame that accommodates a caster. Rather than securing casters directly to the bottom of objects, you can secure them to caster pads. With caster pads, you’ll have an easier time replacing or changing the casters.

How They Work

Caster pads work by providing a mounting frame for casters. You won’t have to secure casters directly to the bottom of objects. Assuming an object has caster pads, you can secure casters to these accessories, instead.

You can install caster pads on the bottom of objects by welding them. They are made of metal, such as stainless steel, that allows for welding. Once welded in place, the caster pads will accommodate casters. You can install casters with just a single bolt, as well as an accompanying nut, when using caster pads.

Caster pads work with most types of plated casters. Plated casters, of course, feature a flat plate at the top. To install a plated caster, you’ll need to remove the caster pad’s bolt. You can then slide the plate into the caster pad. After placing the bolt back on the caster pad and securing it with a nut, the caster should be ready to roll.

When to Use Caster Pads

When should you use caster pads exactly? They are a great choice for heavy industrial machines and equipment that require casters. Without caster pads, you’ll have to secure the casters directly to the bottom of these objects. And when it’s time to replace the casters, you’ll have to remove them from the objects.

Caster pads, on the other hand, will allow you to easily change the casters by offering a simple frame. Caster pads feature a bolt and nut. You can change casters by removing the bolt and taking off the old casters. Caster pads make it easy to change casters on industrial machines and equipment as well as many other objects.