Polyurethane on Aluminum Wheels

Orange, donut tread, poly on aluminum, maintenance-free casters are an excellent solution for many different applications where ergonomics are important. Not only are these casters stylish and sleek looking. They are ergonomically designed and economically priced. Here at The Caster Guy, we have been improving our customer’s facility ergonomics in their 2” wide applications with our maintenance-free casters. Since we have been seeing such great results with these casters, we are now proud to offer the same casters in a 1-1/4” wide offering to satisfy the gap that we were previously unable to fulfill for our customers. With our 1-1/4” wide orange, donut tread, poly on aluminum, maintenance-free casters, we are able to offer our customers the same ergonomic benefits they have been enjoying in their 2” wide applications on their lighter duty applications.

Our 1-1/4” wide ergonomic casters come in 3”, 4” and 5” offerings, and the swivel casters come with and without brakes. These casters are a great choice in applications where superior ergonomic performance is critical because of the high-grade elastic polyurethane on the tread of the wheels. The wheels use a 6203 precision bearing in a lightweight aluminum core making the wheel a maintenance-free solution that never needs to be re-greased. These wheels reduce the force needed to push/pull your cart, the wheel tread deflects debris on the ground and the polyurethane is non-marking giving you fantastic floor protection.

Having a wheel that is maintenance-free, vibration reducing, non-marking, debris deflecting, and ergonomically designed all while being aesthetically pleasing sounds like a win from all aspects, right? This 85 Durometer Shore (A) polyurethane wheel tread is designed specifically for improving ergonomics so there are not many applications where these wheels would not be a good fit. These wheels have a temp rating of -40F to +180F which is the only main factor limiting what applications these wheels would be a great choice for. From Aerospace and Automotive applications to Manufacturing and Industrial environments, these ergo casters are a great fit to help you improve your facility’s ergonomics.

Article originally posted on May 7, 2019; updated on May 10th, 2021