White Nylon Wheels

White Nylon Wheels are molded into a solid wheel base which is incredibly durable and resilient in difficult environments. White Nylon wheels are commonly used in food processing, meat packing, poultry plant and pharmaceutical environments. These wheels are steam cleanable and are resilient to water along with other chemicals, solvents and cleaning solutions making them a strong fit for heavy wash-down applications. In addition to their resiliency, their white color makes them a favorite in these categories because of how easy it is to tell when the wheels are completely clean from debris and residue. White Nylon Wheels usually come in a 75 Shore D durometer and are molded with a crowned tread allowing them to proved easy turning and easy rolling on smooth floor applications. These wheels are non-marking but are best used on hard smooth floor surfaces. These wheels could potentially damage softer floor materials due to their harder durometer. White Nylon Wheels are able to operate effectively in a temperature range of -40F to +210F. White Nylon Wheels can be paired with various styles of bearings. The appropriate style of bearing will be recommended based on the specifics of your application so make sure to ask your local caster expert which bearing is right for your intended use.