V-Groove Wheels

V-Groove wheels are uniquely designed to help you keep your weight loads rolling along a certain path in applications where precision accuracy is required. V-Groove wheels are engineered for track or floor operation on inverted angle iron track in production lines. These wheels are also commonly used on hand or conveyor trucks. The V-Groove wheel surface and face are machine finished making them a strong solution with a smooth roll. In their standard size offerings, these wheels handle weight loads ranging from 800 to 6,000 lbs. per wheel. Steel V-Groove wheels are cast with reinforced sections at maximum stress points to ensure long-lasting durability. The type of track layout and specific casters used are dependent upon the users floor conditions, work area, distance requirements and load capacities needed for their specific application. It is important to make sure the inverted angle iron track is parallel in its layout to ensure smooth and constant tracking while the V-Groove wheel is rolling. V-Groove Wheels are commonly used to control the flow of a load in applications where precision and accuracy are required. Examples of common applications are rolling a cart into an oven, between machines, over long distances in a manufacturing environment or where production line sequence is required. The common wheel material for a V-Groove wheel is Steel but this style of wheel is also offered in Glass Filled Nylon, Ductile Steel and Forged Steel wheel materials. Consult with your local expert to determine which wheel material is best for your V-Grooved application.