Sintered Iron Wheels

Sintered Iron Wheels are strong, durable and highly resistant to abuse in tough environments. These little wheels are great for lighter duty applications that require a tough and durable wheel to hold up to abuse. Sintered Iron wheels are made by compressing powdered iron into a wheel mold which produces a strong and durable wheel. Sintered Iron wheels are able to withstand high temperatures and can be exposed to abusive factors in challenging environments. These wheels are very cost effective which is why they are a popular choice by many. The tread edge is machined round which helps prevent floor damage that can occur during any side shearing under heavier loads. One thing to be mindful of when looking at Sintered Iron wheels is that they are only available in 2″, 2-1/2″ and 3″ diameters. In addition to that, one other downside is that Sintered Iron wheels will rust over time if exposed to fluids and chemicals regularly. Common applications where you can find Sintered Iron casters being used are on material handling carts, bakery racks, institutional racks, dollies, case displays and store fixtures. Some key highlights of this wheel are listed below:

  • Hardness: Brinell 145
  • High Heat Resistance (-45F to +500F)
  • High abrasion resistance
  • Low-cost aesthetically pleasing design

Sintered Iron wheels have an aesthetically pleasing design that is also incredibly resilient to external factors. The hard wheel tread allows these wheels to roll very easily across most surfaces. Since the wheel tread is incredibly hard, these casters will not be the quietest while rolling in comparison to softer tread wheels. This is one factor to consider when evaluating if Sintered Iron wheels would be a good fit for you.