Rubber on Iron Wheels

Moldon Rubber Wheels (aka – Rubber on Iron) are a dynamic and durable wheel offering which are a great fit for many applications. These wheels are designed with a Moldon Rubber tread bonded to a cast iron core. The soft rubber tread and cast iron wheel core are usually both black in color. The soft rubber wheel tread provides a quiet roll and allows the wheel to absorb shock incredibly well. This shock absorption capability extends the life on the equipment these are rolling and helps protect the cargo being stored and moved on the equipment. By minimizing the shock and vibrations while rolling, Moldon Rubber wheels also help protect your floor surfaces reducing the risk for damage. One key downfall of a Moldon Rubber wheel is its performance under heavy loads. Due to its design with a hard core and a soft tread, these can be difficult to push/pull when loaded close to their capacity. The wheel tread compresses down creating a “flat-spot” which does not roll nearly as well as when the tread is in its original rounded design. What’s more, if these wheels sit under a heavy load for an extended period of time, there is the risk that these treads can generate a permanent flat spot which will compromise the integrity of the wheel and drastically decrease its performance. Moldon Rubber wheels are best used in any dry industrial or manufacturing environment where there is no exposure to liquids or chemicals. Some common applications where Moldon Rubber wheels are used are on Trash Containers, Lumber Carts, Platform Carts and a wide variety of manually pushed carts in industrial environments. Moldon Rubber wheels can be an economical solution for many environments and asking your local specialist can help determine if they are right for you.