Soft Rubber Wheels

Soft Rubber Wheels are manufactured with high quality resilient rubber tread materials that are bonded to a hard rubber core. These wheels are a smooth rolling economical choice that is very quiet when rolling. Soft Rubber Wheels are a great option for applications where the load requirements are fairly light and occasionally operate under loads that require using the full capacity of the wheel. Soft Rubber Wheels offer quality floor protection but can leave black marks on floors when turning or skidding slightly. That means these wheels are not considered to be non-marking. Soft Rubber Wheels tend to wear down easily on rough surfaces and can also become brittle if left outdoors due to being exposed to harsher elements. Soft rubber wheels are a very popular choice in smaller sizes because of their economic viability. However, soft rubber wheels become less economical the larger the wheel size gets. For this reason, Hard Rubber Wheels are not commonly found in two inch wide wheels and wheels with larger diameters than 5 inches. Wheel manufacturers do make Soft Rubber Wheels and Cushioned Rubber Wheels in these larger sizes but they become very expensive. Soft rubber wheels are great for many applications such hospitals, electronic manufacturing, scientific laboratories, hotels, department stores, TV and Movie studios and any other application where vibrations and noise could be an issue.