Glass Filled Nylon Wheels

Glass filled nylon wheels are an incredibly tough and durable wheel material which can be great for high abuse environments. These wheels feature an incredibly tough thermoplastic compound which resists hard impacts and drop shocks present in many manufacturing and industrial environments. In addition to being shock resistant, this wheel is invulnerable to most chemicals, solvents, salts, gases, alkalines and steam cleaning. These wheels are also a great solution for wet environments since it does not absorb water. When comparing a Glass Filled Nylon wheel to other hard tread wheels, these wheels require less force to roll and swivel making them a superior choice when it comes to ergonomics. Glass Filled Nylon wheels are ideal for many industrial and institutional applications. These wheels are also NSF listed for the food service industry making it a safe and popular choice by many food manufacturers. The wheel is non-marking so your floors are safe from any damage. However, since these wheels are a very hard material, there can be some noise associated when rolling. These wheels are not known to be a noise reduction solution. For applications where these wheels will be exposed to heat, they operate in a -45ºF to +180ºF temperature range if they are used with standard bearings and seals. If you need these wheels for higher heat applications you can specify a bronze or roller bearing with mid temp grease which will allow these wheels to work in temperatures up to +350ºF.