Polymer Wheels

One of the hardest, strongest and toughest wheels in the industry is a High Impact Polymer Wheel. These wheels are the definition of heavy duty and are seemingly indestructible. HI Polymer wheels are compression molded and then machined giving them added strength and durability. The straight sided design of these wheels is what allows them to offer such superior load capacities. These wheels come with sealed precision ball bearings giving them the smoothest roll possible while keeping them maintenance free. These wheels deliver high performance, capacity, slide resistance and excellent roll-ability which makes them a fantastic choice for heavy and abusive applications. Ultra high capacity polymer caster wheels feature unique polymers that resist corrosion and most chemicals. These wheels feature a higher capacity than metal wheels, a temperature range of -20 F to 250 F, and hardness of 78-82 Shore D. These wheels are an excellent choice for power tow applications and will not flat spot if they sit in place for an extended period of time.  One key benefit of these wheels is that they offer a higher load capacity than metal wheels and will not damage the floors as metal wheels often do. A Hi Impact Polymer Wheel could be the perfect fit for your challenging application could significantly reduce your replacement costs over the long term.