Thermoplastic Rubber Wheels

A Thermoplastic Rubber Wheel (a.k.a. TPR Wheel), is a soft tread wheel that is manufactured out of a chemically bonded rubber on a polyolefin core which has an operating temperature range of -40 F to +180 F. TPR wheels provide a quiet and smooth rolling capability because of its shock absorbing and cushioned ride features. The TPR wheel also offers quality floor protection making it a safe and favorite choice by many. TPR wheels are resistant to many cleaning chemicals, acids, alcohol and water. They come in both flat tread and donut tread options giving you the options and flexibility on either of these uniquely designed styles. Some common applications in which you might find some TPR casters and wheels are on Platform trucks, industrial material handling carts, warehouse and factory carts, mobile equipment and machinery, foodservice carts, drywall carts and assembly line dollies. Like a hard wheel, TPR wheels roll easily and are very durable in many environments. Like a soft tread wheel, the TPR wheel rolls quietly, protects floors and resists impacts by offering a cushion ride. These wheels also offer maximum weatherability, low temperature flexibility and resistance to many external factors. TPR wheels come with plain bearings, delrin bearings, roller bearings, precision ball bearings and bronze bearing options so these are an incredibly versatile solution for your caster and material handling applications.  This style of wheel is a popular choice for many because of its versatility and quality performance attributes. Ask your local representative if a TPR wheel would be the right fit for you!