Phenolic Wheels

Arbco Black Phenolic wheels are a staple in the caster and wheel industry. These caster wheels are designed for heavy abuse and high exposure to wear and tear. Phenolic Wheels are lightweight and easy to roll under heavy loads without damaging floors along the way. As long as the coating of the wheel is intact, these wheels are commonly known for resisting corrosion in oil, water, grease and commonly used acids or solvents. The macerated construction of these phenolic wheels consists of cellulose fibers, impregnated with high quality phenolic resin. Supplementary materials in the special wheels are of the same high quality level. With its macerated fabric construction, these wheels provide quieter operation than steel or aluminum and also provide floor protection while resisting hard impacts.

Phenolic casters and wheels are an economically viable solution for many heavy duty industrial caster applications. These are a popular go-to option for many applications such dumpsters, facility carts, workbenches, mobile louvered panels and countless other industrial and mobile carts or machines.

Phenolic wheels also come in three different styles – Regular Phenolic wheels, Laminated Phenolic wheels and High Temperature Phenolic wheels. The standard phenolic wheels are the black wheels used in a broad array of general applications. The laminated phenolic wheels have the same key attributes of a phenolic wheel with an added level of strength and resilience. These wheels have a cellulose fiber center and are 40% more impact resistant than a standard phenolic wheel. They can also carry up to 25% more load than our standard black phenolic wheel and are highly resistant to chipping and fraying. The High Temperature Phenolic Wheel has the key strength components of a phenolic wheel and will give you excellent continuous service at temperatures up to 475 degrees F. These phenolics can be used intermittently as high as 525 degrees F and are often used in applications such as baking ovens, curing ovens and autoclaves.

Phenolic wheels are a simple yet diverse product offering which are a fantastic solution for many caster and wheel applications. These are affordable and can be a long lasting solution which makes them a popular choice among many users. The one caveat we will warn you of when using phenolic wheels is to not use them in wet environments. Although they are said to be resistant to chemicals, oils and liquids, if the outer coating on the wheel cracks, chips or wears away, the internal part of the wheel will begin to breakdown with exposure to fluids. The internal composition of the wheel will almost act as a sponge to the fluids with the wheel soaking it up and then breaking down since the fluids weaken the wheel.

Ask your caster expert today if a phenolic caster and wheel is the right fit for you.