Solid Polyurethane Wheels

Solid polyurethane wheels are fantastic solutions for heavy wash-down and food grade environments. The solid polyurethane wheel provides a one piece molded solution which eliminates the issues of tread bond failures. Solid polyurethane wheels are high-strength and hi-impact resistant making them durable solutions for tough environments. These wheels are designed to withstand extreme temperatures and harsh environments.

Being the durable wheels that they are, solid polyurethane wheels are steam cleanable and ideal for use in food and pharmaceutical applications. These wheels are designed specifically for high-capacity manual applications involving chemicals, solvents or water. Low rolling resistance comes from a slightly crowned tread which make these wheels a great choice for ergonomic applications as well. The one-piece construction affords the freedom from tread separation issues giving these wheels an exceptionally long life span. The solid polyurethane wheel material is non-marking and provides superior floor protection in addition to its ergonomic features as well.

Polyurethane tread wheels are an excellent way to provide a layer of durable, long lasting, shock absorbing cushion between your valuable products and the floor. Available in a wide array of durometers, thicknesses and colors, these polyurethane wheels can dominate in almost any application with a capacity range spanning from 150-10,300 lbs. With polyurethane wheels designed for high impact shock absorption, noise reduction, roll-ability, high speeds and extreme durability, we feel that solid polyurethane wheels are a superior choice for many of your caster and wheel applications. Ask your local expert about solid polyurethane wheels today!