Ice Wheels

If you are in the caster industry, it is easy to get excited about casters & wheels and to think that they are very exciting and cool. If you are not in the caster industry, it is NOT… Casters and Wheels have never been the most glamorous products nor will they ever be, but there are situations where a sleeker looking caster can really change the appeal of the product they are going on. Maybe it is a sleek piece of medical equipment that needs to look clean and curvy, or maybe it is a high end office chair that needs some extra flair to blend in with its office surroundings.  There are many different scenarios where an attractive looking caster is a desirable solution and there are also many different options of casters out there.

An industry where we are often asked about aesthetically appealing casters is the fixture industry. Store fixtures, retail fixtures, wholesale merchandising or commercial displays all require different looks. These displays need to stand out from the crowd and attract attention. They need to represent the brand they are marketing and colors can be a critical component to achieve that consistent brand appeal. That is where our ICE Wheel Casters can come into play. These casters are light duty, versatile solutions that can be fantastic for store fixtures or creative office environments.

There is a seemingly endless combination of configurations you can come up with in this caster series. To elaborate, these casters come in 2”, 2-1/2” 3” wheel sizes. The wheels can be ordered by themselves or as a complete caster. If you are looking for a complete caster, you can choose from threaded stem, friction ring stem and top plate options when deciding on how you want/need to mount your casters. The caster rigs have various different finishing options – Antique Brass, Antique Copper, Antique Brush Brass, Satin Nickel, Brass Lacquer, Chrome or Black Oxide are all options that can make your casters unique and specialized. These different rig finishes can be a nice addition to the different wheel colors. ICE Wheels are manufactured with a polyolefin core and a polyurethane tread with color options in Clear, Blue, Black, Green, Orange, Purple, Pink and Red. The combinations here are endless.

Imagine, with all of the arrangements listed above, how creative you can get in specializing and designing your next fixture or mobile project that needs to stand out. These ICE Wheel Casters are a dynamic solution in the caster industry which can help you achieve that unique look you have been searching for!