Kingpinless Casters

The swivel section on a swivel caster is the point at which failure most often occurs. We call this part of the caster the “Swivel Raceway”. This section on the caster is exposed to torque and stress which can cause the raceway to loosen up. As the raceway loosens in a normal swivel raceway with a kingpin, ball bearings from the swivel section can fall out affecting the swiveling abilities of the caster. This loosening of the raceway will eventually lead to the collapse or buckling of the caster which will immobilize the equipment your casters are designed to move. For applications which require greater weight capacities, towing capabilities or being able to withstand heavy abuse, my team and I recommend a Kingpinless Caster. A Kingpinless raceway is much stronger than a normal swivel raceway with a standard kingpin in it. Built with a top plate that has an inner raceway and an outer raceway, the rigs legs are welded to the base for the wheel to be installed. The outer raceway is fastened to the inner raceway using a series of ball bearings installed through a ball bearing loading hole. This loading hole is then sealed once the appropriate amount of bearings are installed and the caster is permanently fixed together. Designed for higher towing speeds, higher levels of abuse and heavier weight loads, the Kingpinless caster design eliminates the leading cause of caster failure and is the perfect fit for many of these higher abuse applications.