Maintenance Free

Reducing costs is imperative in every business and is something that can be applied in many areas of a business. Cutting production costs, using efficient time strategies, lowering financial expenditures, reducing supply expenses… to name a few. For the purpose of this discussion, reducing supply expenses is the topic that I would like to highlight pertaining to the MRO industry.

When sourcing MRO supplies it seems that the cheapest option is often the first option chosen by many but this can also be the option that is most frequently replaced throughout a facility. Quality & application do matter in this industry and there are many applications where the cheapest option may not actually be the cheapest solution. Let me explain. Paying a little more money up front on the right product or solution for your application could end up saving you a lot of money in the long run. Not only can it save you money by reducing your replacement costs  on your casters & wheels but it can save you large amounts of money by reducing or eliminating the labor required for upkeep from your maintenance department. In reference to casters, maintenance and upkeep can have a significant effect on facility downtime and increased labor hours. If you can eliminate the need to grease any part of the caster and extend the life of the caster, then you have what we call a “Maintenance Free Caster” which will pay dividends to your company and your staff.

Adding sealed precision ball bearings to your wheel can help improve the overall performance of your caster for several reasons. It will provide a smoother roll, reduce some noise associated with rolling and it will eliminate the need to grease your casters. Our pedestal precision ball bearings a re perfect when excellent rolling ease and quiet operation are required for your application. Our pedestal precision ball bearings are usually found in a 2″ wide caster wheel and are used 2 per wheel. They are made out of alloy steel and are designed to last for the life of the bearing without any maintenance or greasing.  The bearings have a heat treated raceway along with steel balls. The race is filled with grease and then covered with seals for the purpose of not only keeping the grease locked in but to prevent any dirt or liquid from getting in. Adding sealed precision ball bearings to your casters and wheels could be your first step to reducing your maintenance costs throughout your facilities.