Introducing Polyflexon Casters

Hi Everyone,

My team and I are always working on ways to improve ergonomic performance with our caster recommendations so I want to highlight a caster we just uploaded on the website. The new Polyflexon caster is a great caster which provides superior ergonomic performance and a very quiet while roll all while being very durable under heavy loads. Using the wrong wheel under heavy weight loads that need to be pushed and pulled frequently carries high risk for injury. Using these casters helps reduce that risk making your work environment much safer and less injury prone. These wheels are great at moving heavy loads easily and not picking up debris as they move across any surface.

To start with a few features of these wheels, I want to start with the crown tread of the wheel. With the rounded shape of the tread, your pushing and pulling efforts are reduced because there is less surface area of the wheel on the ground at any given time. Not only does this allow the wheels to roll easier but it allows them to swivel easier too. These wheels are non marking and are safe for any type of floor surface. On to the tread of these wheels. The polyurethane is chemically and mechanically molded onto a lightweight aluminum core. The aluminum core provides a high load capacity with a lighter wheel weight increasing the efficiency of this wheel. Now moving on to the bearings of the wheels. All of these wheels use sealed precision balls bearings. These bearings provide a superior rolling application which is maintenance free.

We offer these wheels in 3 of our casters. Our medium duty 2” wide top plate series, our kingpinless series as well as our ergonomic series. In the standard 2″ wide series, the top plate is mounted to the caster rig with top plate that swivels on a set of 2 rows of ball bearings. The next step up is our kingpinless caster series. Kingpinless casters vary from the standard top plate casters in the construction of the raceway that the caster swivels with. The use a sealed bearing setup which totally eliminates the need for the bolt in the middle. Kingpinless casters are better at holding up under towing applications or in situations where the caster will be exposed to heavy impact. The third tier is our ergonomic series. This this series, it is much like out kingpinless series but just has slightly thicker forks for heavier load capacities. All in all, any of these casters provide a very smooth and quiet roll and can be a great fit for moving items throughout your facilities.

Thank you,

The Caster Guy