Polyurethane on Polypropylene

Medium duty kingpinless casters are superior due to the machined raceway that exerts radial force evenly where there is full contact between the ball bearing and the raceway. This greatly reduces wear on the raceway and eliminates the loosening forces of stress in the swivel section providing a smoother and stronger swiveling action. These raceways are built to last longer with less maintenance required and hold up better in high impact environments. These wheels are composed of injection molded polyurethane treads which are mechanically bonded to a polyolefin core. The polyurethane tread is molded in, around and through a ribbed extension of the core to prevent debonding. These wheels withstand exposure to many chemicals, solvents, water, and acids. They are especially suited for use in Research Laboratories, Hospitals, Food Service, Schools, Bakeries and other Institutional applications.

Caster Features:

  • Temperature Range: -45F to -180F
  • Hardness (max. 300lbs capacity models): 45(±5) Durometer Shore D scale
  • Hardness (max. 1700lbs capacity models): 55(±5) Durometer Shore D scale

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