Heavy duty casters are designed with a kingpin in the swivel with a double row ball bearing for smooth turning. This series features 3″ wide wheels increasing the load capacities on these casters. These casters have 4-1/2″ x 6-1/4″ top plate providing a strong support structure for the item these are mounted to. Cast Iron wheels are made of incredibly strong steel that is highly resistant to abuse and tough environments. Cast Iron wheels are able to withstand high temperatures and can be exposed to water and/or other abusive factors in challenging environments. They can withstand exposure to chemicals, grease and oil. However, one downside is that Cast Iron wheels will rust over time if exposed to fluids and chemicals regularly.

Caster Features:

  • High Load Capacities (Up to thousands of lbs depending on wheel size)
  • High Heat Resistance (-45F to +500F)
  • Resistance to liquids and chemicals
  • Multiple styles of bearings available
  • Greasable

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