Polyurethane on Iron

Extra heavy duty casters are made to provide a top performing casters with an extended service life. The swivel sections are made with drop forged and hardened steel. This series features 3″ wide wheels increasing the load capacities on these casters. These casters have 5-1/4″ x 7-1/2″ top plate providing a strong support structure for the item these are mounted to. Polyurethane on Iron wheels are a popular choice for many carts rolling on factory floors and moving through manufacturing environments. Polyurethane on Iron wheels are a fabulous choice for many industrial applications and can be a very long lasting solution when used in the right environments.

Caster Features:

  • Temperature Range: -45F to +180F
  • Hardness: 95(±5) Durometer Shore A
  • Finish Options: Red on Silver, Green on Black

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